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  • Houston, We Have a Portfolio

    Let's face it - the internet has been an amazing tool for budding photographers, actors, singers, and well, everyone. The amount of people that see your work had magnified tenfold since the era of analog. Regardless of this, the pixels of the internet can be deceiving and art directors, employers, and clients are still eager to see a printed portfolio of your work.

    I've had physical printed portfolios in addition to a website for as long as I've been a professional, but recently I decided to completely redo my books and my branding. I went with the company, Lost Luggage, whom I've purchased portfolio cases from before.

    Since my work is in the realm of aviation, aerospace, and historical photography, I wanted a portfolio case to match. I envisioned something that looks like it could have came right out of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, yet still look sleek enough to be a metaphor of the future. I found these qualities in the Looking Glass case at Lost Luggage. Mine features their clear, frosted acrylic covers with a silver metal spine. It was my first time getting anything etched with my logo, and it was done with precision and professionalism.

    Lost Luggage also sells quality paper from Moab that is pre-scored with drilled holes specifically to fit their portfolios. They have two kinds, the Lasal and the Entrada. I went with the double-sided Lasal Matte and found the paper to have a beautiful, smooth texture. I am very picky about the thickness of paper and I was pleasantly surprised by the sturdiness of the Moab. While colors printed vividly and flawlessly, I found that the blacks were slightly flat in comparison. Overall though, the Moab paper was a great choice to compliment my case.

    To top off my futuristic themed portfolio, I purchased one of Lost Luggage's Arsenal cases, whose screws reminded me of the rivets in the fuselage of an aircraft or the side of an Apollo capsule. The case is made of the same frosted acrylic as my book and added an elegant touch to my thematic print display.

    Overall, I had a great experience with Lost Luggage. My custom etched portfolio came in about four days - record time for any custom item. I can't wait for an excuse to purchase from them again... and I have a feeling it will probably be their matching iPad case!