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  • The Last Patrol: A Short WWII Film

    Recently I've been experimenting with short film, in hopes to also be able to offer video to my clients. Being both a writer and a photographer who constantly looks to history for inspiration, I decided to take on the task of a World War Two short film.

    Assistant director, Austin Rawcliffe, filming a scene in the film with actors Ehren Rauch and Nicholas Okpysh.

    My crew and I shot for two long days up in the mountains in a secluded spot that could pass for Eastern France. My actors were all actual WWII reenactors who fired blank rounds from their M-1 Garand rifles in order to create an effect as close to firing a real bullet as possible.

    Actors Ehren Rauch and Nicholas Okpysh reviewing footage of themselves firing their rifles in a battle scene.

    My biggest inspiration for this film was the 1927 silent film, Wings. I had always admired the beautiful lighting in that movie and the way that the characters' facial expressions moved the story along without words. I tried to include those elements in my own film, which tells the tale of a lone soldier on patrol.

    Lead actor Ehren Rauch (left) and myself (right) and I prepare a second camera angle for a patrol scene.

    I will be blogging the official production stills from this video soon, so stay tuned!

    Actors left to right: Ben Regester, Ehren Rauch, and Nick Holmes.